lawn TREATMENTS 3/30/2020

We apologize for the late timing of this notice due to the closure of contractors’ offices but the ability of the on-site crews to continue work.

The common area and townhome lawns will be treated today,
March 30, 2020.

The treatment is a fertilizer with crabgrass preventer. There are no restricted pesticides in this product; however, the recommended holding period is at least a full day following treatment.


In light of the extent of the recent closure recommendations in Pennsylvania, the Kissel Hill Commons community playground is closed.

Short of installing a construction fence around it, we urge parents to monitor children playing outdoors to ensure that they are not at the playground.


As we prepare for the coming pool season, we are looking for attendants to work during the day.

We are also in need for one or more persons with some working knowledge and understanding of pool maintenance to help open and close the pool each day.

These positions are paid.

If you have any interest in helping, please contact Jody at (717) 984-2613 or through the website for additional information.

2020 Annual Meeting

The Kissel Hill Commons 2020 Annual Meeting is Tuesday, March 10 at 7:00pm at the Community Building, 708 Brentwood Drive.

The meeting is for owners only and if you are unable to attend, please return your voting proxy by 4:00pm on March 10th or hand deliver it to the meeting.

Spotted Lantern Fly

Last fall we posted regarding the impending “invasion” of the spotted lantern fly in our area.

Please click here to see the original post.

The pest is in our community but is in the process of dying out due to colder weather. Penn State Extension has posted additional materials and information regarding treatment and how to remove the egg sacks from trees, available here.

While the Board is determining the best way to treat the issue, we remind you that you are responsible for treating the trees on your property and if we all work together, we will all experience an improved result.

Community Mailbox Requirements

Due to recent feedback from residents regarding difficulties in contacting the manufacturer of the original mailboxes and the exorbitant price, the Association Board recently approved an alternative mailbox design. Please click here for additional information or choose Mailbox Requirements under the E-Documents menu.

Hazardous Conditions on South Basin

It has been reported to the Association on several occasions this season that children have been  walking across the ice on the South Basin, near Wallingford Road.

Not only is this considered trespass, the ice is not solid and could break at any point in time, and it is extremely dangerous.

Please take a moment to discuss this and the dangers it brings with your family.

Holiday Decor Reminder

As the holiday season reaches full swing, we are sending a friendly reminder that exterior holiday decor must be removed within two weeks following the holiday. That means that Christmas 2018 decorations, for example, must be removed by January 8, 2019.

We wish you and your family a happy holiday season!