Nextdoor Website/App

nextdoorIn conjunction with the launch of our re-designed website I would like to invite everyone to a new service called “Nextdoor”. An easy way to stay connected via your smartphone through this social media app. This website/app allows you to easily post when you’ve lost a pet, need assistance and/or suggestions or just for staying connected in general. It will also display posts from neighborhoods close to us as well. I encourage everyone to sign-up and give it a try!

Mailbox Repair Information

mailboxHas winter taken a toll on your mailbox?  Here’s all the information you’ll need to get the parts to repair your mailbox.  We have a 1018BP mail box Standard Black. When you contact them you will have to identify the parts you need. It would help them if you send pictures of your mailbox.  The company information is:

Mel Northey. Co., Inc
303 Gulf Bank
Houston=, TX 77037
Phone# 281-445-3485